basketball shooting drills

Basketball Shooting Drills – Top 22 Drills To Score More Often

Shooting drills are arguably the most important type of practice for any basketball player, and it is where you should allocate most of your practice time.

There are a variety of different offensive situations a player will be in near the net, and in every one he or she should be prepared to make the shot and score. This takes practice, of course, but a player might only be in each situation once or twice per game. So the best way to practice for these situations is to use basketball shooting drills that mimic the game-time situations as closely as possible.

These drills will make sure you or your players are ready to make the shot in any situation:

Basketball Shooting Drills

1. Hand-Off Shooting Drill

This drill should make players motivated.

For this drill needs two lines of players that should be at the top of the key, each with two basketballs. Third one should be on the lower end of each wing.

First players from each line should be dribbling down the basketball court to their wing side. While they are moving to the baseline they should meet the wing players that run towards them. Then they need to perform hand-off and to perform a certain shoot. First players then should be back at the end of the wing line. After the shot, shooting players rebound their basketballs and then they are going on the opposite side at the top of the line.

2. Titan Shooting Drill

Great team conditioning shooting drill. The team have to score in a time limit.

You need only one basket three lines of players (1 one each high post, 1 for the free throw line), and one basketball at the front of the lines. The coach chooses a line for the players to run.

The first player shoots, rebounds, and passes it back to the line. Then he runs back to join a different team. It goes on until the time is up.

3. Rainbow Shooting Drill

Good warm-up and shooting drill. Player can shoot a lot of repetitions from all around the court.

You need 2 basketballs, 1 for the first player in first and 1 in the second line. Others are below the baseline.

First player does a half circle and receives the ball from the player from the other line. Then he does a layup, rebounds and passes back to the line. The player that passes does a half-circle and receives the pass. Then he goes for layup, rebound and pass back.

4. Chase Down Layups Drill

There are two lines of players on both baselines. The attacker starts with an advantage, runs the court and tries to lay the ball up under defender’s pressure. Good for teaching layups under pressure and for chase-down defense.

Two lines of players on each baseline. Each attacker have a basketball, and there are two coaches on each end of the court.

Offensive player gets a few steps advantage in comparing to the defense. At the signal, they sprint down the court. Attacker needs to make the layup, and defender has to challenge him without a foul.

5. Tennessee Drill

The ball is under the basket and with every run down the court, he will receive 2 passes and do a layup. First passers switch sides and take a jump shot receiving the ball from the side line players. First player then runs back down the court with those player that previously passed the ball to the shooters.

Good for layups and shooting from different positions, passing towards a player at full speed and for conditioning because the time limit.

You need 7 players and 5 basketballs. First person under the ring and the second player in 2 lines that are the closest will have a basketball. Player under the basket will pass to wingers one any side, First one will then sprint behind the player they passed to. The receiver makes crosscourt pass to the sprinting winger leading to a layup. Second player then goes back, behind the player they passed the ball to. Third completes the layup, and then 1st and 2nd set to receive the pass from the players that are outbound for a shoot. They can rebound and join the line. Two outbound players now become wingers and three will outlet.

6. Wave Layups Drill

IT is a fast drill that works on layups and passing under time pressure and at the full speed.

The player on a middle line passes to the left wing player who passes is right away to the running right winger for a layup. Right after that left winger passes the ball, sprint across and receive the outlet pass. Now the middle player runs down the court and rebounds after right winger’s layup. Them the middle player passes the to the outlet player who passes it right away to the next player in the middle line. When that player gets the pass the process is repeated.

7. Off the Dribble Form Shooting Drill

Amazing drill for shooting with the correct footwork after dribbling.

Players first practice 1-2 step or the hop, and then use them for a jump shot. The purpose is to teach players how to shoot after they dribble, with correct footwork. Very good for players that are off balance. Every player needs to have a basketball and they need to form three lines a bit out of the three- point line. Each side should have similar number of players.

Show the players footwork and then the first player needs to practice if for 3 times. After they do the rebound, they can go and join the other line.

8. Fatigue Shooting Drill

This is a fast drill, good for shooting while fatigued. Can do a lot to improve conditioning.

Three players are running towards their partners, they receive the pass, shot, then rebounds and dribbles out of the court. There he waits in order to pass the ball to the next player. Then the player who passed the ball runs down the court to become the new shooter. They will then receive the ball from a player who will then run over to receive the ball from the player that is first shooter.

9. Drive and Kick Drill

This will teach your players the dribble and attack to defense transit. It will force defenders to help rather that passing the ball for an open shot.

The first player is with the ball under the ring. He will pass it to the player in corner and replace him. The second player will go in dribbling twice, and then pass it to the player at the top of the key, then go and take his place. Third player will do the same as the second and pass the ball to the next player and then take his place. Next player will take a shot and go at the end of the line. Player that is next in line will rebound and pass the ball to the corner.

10. Partner Form Drill

Quick and simple, this drill will make your player master the basics of shooting.

First, players are going to find partners and then they will line up on 2 lines with one basketball in between. The coach will demonstrate the shooting technique. Player then shoot the ball, one to another, for some time decided by the coach. The coaches will walk around groups and make corrections to each player. Every coach has his own scoring system.

11. Screen Shooting Drill

This one will teach the players how to score and read off an off-ball screen.

There are 4 main cuts off the screen: Flare, Straight, Curl and Backdoor cut. Tell your players which cut to use. You can choose or you can let your players to choose the cut. When the drill starts, the first player cuts under the basket and then he changes pace and sprints to use on of the screens. Then next in line will pass the ball to the shooter. After the shot, passer becomes the cutter and uses the screen before receiving the pass from the next player.

12. Triple Threat Drills

If you are a post or on the wing, this drill is great for learning a quality shot. The point is to master this skill from more that only one position. When with ball, it is important for you to be able to score and this way all defenders are going to respect you in attack. This one is great for you to improve footwork and if you have that you will be more efficient and quicker.

13. Curl, Fade, Curl

This is a good way to know if you have a smart player. There are three best options a good defender is going to give to the offense off screen. If he is behind the offense, he should curl. If he is over top of the screen but still in a good position, the he should fade. If he is overplaying, try and cut for layup. But first you must learn how to shot these moves. You need to confuse the defense off a screen to get the best shot.

14. Two Ball Dribbling

This one is great for ball handling and dribbling techniques.

A player needs to know to dribble with both hands. This drill will make a player learn how to dribble with left and with right hand perfectly well. Two balls will make a player concentrate and there are many moves and different drill types to choose and work on.

15. Full Speed Shooting

This one Is the best for small forwards and guards for better shooting in transition.

You should run down the court in full speed and go for the shot. After that, go back to half court and do the same thing again. You can mix this with some dribbling and try to make at least 20 shots before you stop.

16. Two Ball Passing

This one is easy and it is for everyone to enjoy.

Passing is one of the most important factors. It is a MUST to learn the basic bounce or chess pass. But you should try and take it to the next level. You can start throwing in other forms of passing or you can try and do it with two basketballs. This will be of a lot of help to you and will correct the way you pass the ball.

17. 31-Shooting Drill

This drill should be entertaining for players and should motivate them.

Players should be divided in two teams which should form a line on each side of the court. Front players take the ball. The goal is to reach 31 points. Each player can score six points from three shots: from the three- point line, inside the key and outside the key.

First front players shoot on a basket from all three spots. After these three shootings, players take the ball and pass it to the first players on a proper side of each line.

18. 23-Cones Shooting Drill

This drill is also perfect to keep the players motivated. 23 cones are needed to perform this drill. Team with more cones is the winner.

Cones should be placed at the baseline of one of the ends of the court, while on the other should be players divided into two or three teams. Each team takes one ball.

On a sign of a whistle, shooting starts. First player in the line that wins the score needs to rebound the ball, and pass it the next first player in the line. That player has a chance to make a score from three- point line. If he wins the score, his team is rewarded with a cone. In that case, player takes the cone. If he misses he gets back at the end of the line with no cone.

19. Partner Shooting

This drill is great to be used when the players are tired. It is best to play with more than one coach. Players are divided into three lines all along the baseline. They are split into about three groups, with three or four players, each group with a basketball.

On the coach’s signal, first players in each line starts to run to the shooting line. They shoot, rebound and run back. Then they shoot on the other basket, rebound and pass the ball to the next player in line, who repeats the same.

20. Give and Go Shooting

This drill helps players to work on a dribbling and shooting ability, footwork, passes. Players are divided into two lines at the half line. For this drill have to be two coaches that are telling which kind of shoot players should take. When coach tells the shoot, first player starts to dribble towards him and passes the ball to the coach who then passes him back. In that time, next player is start dribbling toward coach as the shooting player does the chosen shoot. The drill continues on the same way with next players.

21. 30 and 1 shooting drill

First coach needs to choose three different spots on a court which are going to be shooting place. Three to five players should make a team. Every team should have a basketball. Coach then has to tell them the spots from which they will be shooting.

Players start to shoot, after that they have to rotate, rebound. At the end they should pass the ball to the next player in a team that shoots from the same place. When team makes ten shots from the first spot, they start with the second one. The winner is first time that make ten points from all three spots and one long distant shot at the end.

22. 5 Spot Variety

For this drill you have to have five cones, every one for the different styles of shooting. They have to be on both baselines and wings, and the top of the key. All players should stand behind the first cone and have basketballs.

Each is going to shoot behind every cone. After the first player shoots, the second one starts to dribble, after that he shoots the same shot. When, all players are done with first cone, they move to another. This drill can use different variations of shooting, or can try all shoots behind same cone.