best basketball hoop for kids

Best Basketball Hoops For Kids – Top 6 For 2017

Looking to buy a basketball hoop for your kids, or as a gift to a young basketball lover? Here is a current review of the best basketball hoops for kids.

Best Basketball Hoops For Kids:

***It’s highly recommended that you read through real user reviews at the links below before making any purchase.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

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Amazon’s No 1 Bestseller in the ‘Kids Basketball Backboards’ category. Aimed at slightly older children, this complete portable backboard setup can be adjusted from 7.5ft – 10ft, complete with a full size 44″ backboard and pro-size 18″ rim. A great price and ideal for budding young athletes who are getting more serious about the game of basketball.


  • Price – An absolute bargain for the quality, coming in at $100 less than than its nearest full-size competition.
  • Durable – A 5 year warranty, dense Polyethylene backboard and being fully adjustable to professional height means that it should last your kids well into their teens.


  • Difficult Assembly – The instructions are not the easiest to follow. Mum or Dad is going to have to help with this one and will probably have to find a spare couple of hours to do so.
  • Not Entirely Weather Resistant – Although the main components are all weather treated, some bolts and screws remain exposed to the elements which could need replacing if the hoop is kept outdoors.
  • Not Really for Young Children – It may be Amazon’s No 1 kids hoop but this is for children aged 8 and upwards and really approaching a teenage level.

Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

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Exclusively for younger kids (4 – 7 years), this complete setup is adjustable from 4 – 6 ft making it safe for indoor as well as outdoor use. A breakaway rim system allows for those little dunkers out there to show off their stuff without causing damage to themselves or the rim.


  • Build Quality – For the price range, this hoop had the best build quality. Really well fitting parts, very solid construction. It’s not going to break after a few uses.
  • Comes with a ball – Basketballs are to basketball hoops like batteries were to Gameboys; They need to be included otherwise it ruins the surprise. Luckily the Jam Pro comes with one in the box for play straight away.
  • It’s Big – The telescopic pole easily exceeds the 6ft advertised with some reviewers claiming that it will extend up to 8ft tall which is great for the longevity as your kids grow up as well.


  • Breakaway Rim Can Wear with Use – The breakaway rim is great for letting kids test their hops and dunking the ball, however with extended use this can lead to the rim becoming loose and collapsing when shooting from distance.
  • The Net – The net is challenging to attach which is a minor defect but can be frustrating with kids impatiently hanging around you waiting to play ball.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

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An absolute steal for a wall mounted 18 x 12″ mini backboard with sprung rim and shatterproof backboard. Door mounts make it easy to take down and take with you.


  • Price – For the quality of the product which is made of shatterproof polycarbonate and the inclusion of a spring rim for amazing dunks, it’s a great deal.
  • Comes With a Ball – Another ‘play out the box’ model, the SKLZ Pro Mini comes with its own high quality mini rubber ball which is just the right size for kids and big kids alike.


  • The Backboard is Shatterproof, Your Doors are Not – This mini backboard is designed to be dunked on meaning unfortunately if someone gets a little overzealous with the throw down, they have a good chance of tearing down a door. Rules must be laid down before this is played with!
  • Not a Complete Indoor/Outdoor System – It is just a backboard and only designed for indoor use and so ultimately although this is a lot of fun, it may not be the greatest option for a serious young superstar looking to practice their jump shot.

Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set

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Another great setup for first time ballers (4 – 7 years). This set comes complete with a ball, is adjustable from 4 – 6ft high and features a breakaway rim. Build quality is fine and the backboard is sturdy.


  • Easy to Adjust – The telescopic pole and clip system is incredibly easy to adjust, involving no screws or messing around so there are no timeouts on playtime.
  • Innovative Base – At first glance the base looks relatively unsteady compared to other hoops on this list but it is just as sturdy as any of the other entries and features a neat little water bottle and ball stand to keep everything organized.


  • Breakaway Rim Does Not Like to Breakaway – The breakaway rim system is incredibly stiff compared to other models which puts extra stress on the hoop when dunked on. This could lead to the plastic of the rim itself snapping if too aggressively handled.

Fisher Price I Can Play Basketball Set with Frustration Free Packaging

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Aimed at starting with the youngest kids (3 – 7 years), the complete setup is adjustable from 3ft (the lowest on the list) to 6ft, making it absolutely ideal for younger children just starting their pro careers.


  • Quality – Its Fisher Price so you know that it’s going to be well built and it is. Easily the most well built product on the list. The rim is strong even if it’s not breakaway. The telescopic arm feels like it’s been carved from granite, the finish to the parts is head and shoulders above the other entries and there looks to have been real thought put into the aesthetic of the design.
  • Packaging and Assembly – The frustration free packaging really is what it says. The whole system was out of the box and being dunked on in under an hour compared with around 2 hours for the rest of the entries on the list.


  • Cost – This quality comes a price and that price is high.

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

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The number one pick for the best basketball hoop for kids and Amazons second best seller in the category. The Lifetime Youth Hoop is suitable for kids from around 5 – 9, extending from 5.5 – 7.5ft, with an official junior sized rim (15inches). It is the perfect blend of size and durability for a great price.


  • Lifespan – Unlike the setups made of plastic and designed for slightly younger kids, this product is made of real steel and looks the part. Whereas some other hoops on this list may quickly be grown out of, this is not ‘a toy for babies’. It’s built to be played on properly so kids who are 9 will still be playing on it. You will get more than your money’s worth of usage out of it.


  • No Ball – The only real issue to be found with the Lifetime Youth Hoop is it doesn’t come with a ball which is a tiny flaw, otherwise, no issues whatsoever.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Basketball Hoop For Kids

Playing basketball is one of many kids aspirations as they grow up. Given a chance, this passion turns into something beautiful. And the good thing is some of these kids end up as professional athletes in the NBA living their dream playing for their favorite teams. But it all starts somewhere.

Playing basketball helps kids have fun and engage their bodies in productive recreational activities that helps keep them healthy.

Whether you are buying a basketball hoop for your kid or as a birthday gift to your niece, nephew or small sibling, there are several things to consider before making a purchase. These factors will help you settle on the best basketball hoop under certain given conditions. The entire process shouldn’t be hard, only if you consider the following key prerequisites;


Where will the basketball hoop be located? Indoors or outdoors? For most homes it’ll probably be outdoors and one has to consider the available space for placing the basketball hoop. It could be mounted on a wall or the garage, provided there is enough space for the kids to play and few items prone to breakage.


How easy will it be to move the basketball hoop from one point to the other? In-ground hoops tend to be more fixated since they are held in the ground with cement. They however can be made adjustable on the height front.

Portable basketball hoops on the other hand are mounted on a stand that can be rolled to a different location or wheeled around. This works best when the space is limited or keeps shifting say for instance a car is parked on the initial space.


Kids are natural fast bloomers and a basketball hoop that was previously fit for a kid may be too small in a few months. Hence the need to purchase hoops that can easily adjust the height, hoop specs and the backboard itself to accommodate for different sizes of balls and kids age. This functionality feature will save you more from buying too many basketballs hoops as your kid grows.

Backboard Material

The basketball hoop backboard material is a key factor to consider when purchasing a basketball hoop. Obviously glass boards may not work very well with kids due to potential breakage so steer off clear many backboard options and go for an acrylic backboard. It works best for kids.

Also choose a basketball hoop that has great aesthetics appeal that will entice the kids to want to play often and hone their skill. Some boards can be fitted with a vinyl sticker of their favorite basketball team logo.

You can also choose a residential basketball hoop for kids that offers more utility options, for instance, some have a detachable ball return scoop which makes it easier for your kid to fetch the ball after making a throw.

All in all, been informed on matters basketball hoops ensures that you get to purchase the most befitting for your kid. It also helps you save on money at the same time getting utmost value for your money.