Best Compression Pants For Basketball – Top 5 For 2017

Compression pants are becoming increasingly popular with many athletes for a number of reasons. One particular study has shown that compression pants have the ability to help keep the skin temperature constantly high, even when one is exercising in cold surroundings. They also help to speed recovery during injury.

Here are the most high-quality products available:

The Best Compression Pants For Basketball

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Nike Pro Hypercool

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These are three quarter compression pants that are used for warm and hot conditions. The material used is very flexible and the compression effect is very comfortable. The fabric is very lightly woven, if you embrace up the pants against a light you will be able to see a million small holes which provide airing and sweat wicking. As long as you are not in motion the experience isn’t much different.

What we like about this product.

  • They have best compression effect than other pants.
  • Help ease muscle stiffness.

What we don’t like about this product.

  • They’re quite tight, which may be uncomfortable for some athletes.
  • Not good for long distance exercise.

Nike Pro Hyperwarm

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Nike pro hyperwarm is heavier and woven more tightly. They are the best for storing heat and compression is much stronger since they do not have tiny holes in material. They are much elastic and worn in cold seasons. Nike pro hyperwarm are really comfortable, you don’t feel any itching, and after sometime you completely forget that you are wearing compression pants.

What we like about this product.

  • Nike pro hyperwarm helps keep you warm.
  • Nike pro hyperwarm are quite elastic.

What we do not like about this product.

  • They provide small performance benefit when it comes to explosive movements.
  • They are not good for long distance.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear

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Under armour mens heatgear are designed to keep a person cool. Fabric of the Under Armour pants is intertwined more tightly devoid of the tiny holes that are in control for the amazing ventilation of the Nike Hypercool.

These results in pants that feel somewhere in the middle between the cooling effect of a Nike Hypercool and the warming effect of a Nike Hyperwarm. ​

What we like about this product.

  • Under armour mens heatgear are much affordable.
  • They help ease muscle stiffness.
  • Under armour mens heatgear are good for explosive exercises like for basketballers.

What we do not like about this product.

  • Sometimes wearing under armour mens heatgear adds a layer or more material than we want, especially on a hot summer day which makes them too hot.
  • They are quite tight; Sometimes compression, for all its good muscle-oxygenation intentions, can leave you breathless throughout the exercise.

Tesla Mens Cool Dry

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Tesla mens cool dry pants run a bit small and the waistband is almost uncomfortably tight, so you may need to consider ordering this one size up. These pants provide a base layer to keep you warm in winter.

What we like about this product.

  • They are the best choice if you don’t want to spend much money on your budget.
  • Tesla mens cool dry helps keep you warm.
  • Tesla mens cool dry help improve recovery after workout.

What we do not like about this product.

  • Tesla mens cool dry too tight especially at the area around waistband.
  • Tesla mens cool dry are not recommended for long wearing hours during a realtively warm day.

REACHS Padded Compression

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Padded basketball compression pants are rather rare; you see padding much more frequently in compression shorts. If you are a more aggressive basketball player, then the added protection on the thighs and knees could really minimize the effect of collisions and boost your confidence.

What we like about this product.

  • These padded compression pants are good to players who like to attack and look for contact as they offer protection for your body.
  • Help in improving recovery after workout.
  • Help ease muscle stiffness.

What we do not like about this product.

  • They are very tight; designed to help some muscles but may just plain hurt other  muscles which is felt after the exercise.

Things To Consider When Buying Compression Pants For Basketball

Results from numerous studies have been used to show that compression pants have the ability to help accelerate recovery significantly after intense workouts. In addition, they can also help reduce muscle aches and pains resulting from sore leg muscles during or after an intense workout.

Other benefits of wearing compression pants include improved blood circulation and oxygen transport throughout the body; as well as injury prevention and muscle stabilization. They also have the ability to help regulate the body temperature by wicking away sweat, thus allowing the body to remain cool during your workouts.

The following are some of the most important features that you should look for when buying your best compression pant while playing basketball:


The best compression pants should ideally be made from a mix of polyester and elastane. In addition, compression pants that are made from materials that have a higher amount of elastane are of a lower quality because they are stretchable. Ideally, choose a pant that has a mix of around 90% polyester and 10 % elastane.

In addition, if you come from a cold region, you should ideally for compression pants that are made from a heavier material because it will store warmth much better. On the other hand, if you come from a hot region, you should go for the ones that are made from light weaved material because it will allow better ventilation and cooling.


You can find compression pants for basketball players in two different styles:

3/ 4 Pants: These look more fashionable and are most popular with NBA players because they don’t bunch up at the shoes. In addition, they just come up to the sheen, and they only leave enough space for high basketball socks.

Full-length Pants

These cover your legs down to the shoes and provide more warmth at the ankles. They are also associated with insignificant added compression because the ankles are quite thin when compared to the neighboring calves.

Size and amount of compression

The trickiest part when it comes to choosing the best compression pants for basketball players is picking the right size. Ideally, compression parts should be narrow enough in order to have the ability to offer a good amount of compression.

In addition, they should be wide enough in order to allow for more comfort and adequate blood flow. Ideally, you should pick your usual size ,except where the manufacture recommends a different size.


Wearing compression pants while playing basketball comes with some important benefits, including helping you keep cool, improving recovery after an intense workout; as well as easing muscle stiffness and improving blood circulation.

In addition, they are very ideal if you are practicing basketball during winter when the gym is usually very cold. This is because they will help you keep warm. Essentially, they help improve muscle temperature significantly while you are practicing basketball in cold environments.