over the door basketball hoop

The Best Mini Over The Door Basketball Hoops

You can enjoy a quick game of basketball at the office or at home by having “mini over the door basketball hoops” Here are our list of five best recommendations of mini over the door basketball hoops which are the best choices.

Best Mini Over The Door Basketball Hoops

***It’s highly recommended that you read through real user reviews at the links below before making any purchase.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

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When it comes to mini basketball hoops “SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoops” strikes to the mind as a number 1 product for your home because it has the best indoor basketball hoop made of steel which gives the durability and stronger foundation to the product.


  • It has easy assembling and having a spacious rim which make the game for fun and comfortable to place it in right direction
  • It comes in different sizes you have a choice and autonomy.
  • Having a good quality in an economical price is a plus for this product.
  • The hoop is for both walls and door which is a plus when it is compared with other products.
  • It has a 90 days warranty means if you find it faulty you can return or replace it any time soon


  • It is nosy when someone is playing although it has a great wall and door hoop.
  • The ball seems to be heavy which can able to damage home goodies and stuff
  • Inflation adopter is missing so you have to purchase one if ball goes flat.

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

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The 2nd best choice to welcome a professional game to your living room is “Spalding NBA Slam Jam” it has all the dimensions and design as if you are playing an official NBA game. It is designed of steel which gives it a sturdy and durability effect and ducking jumping can be enjoyed by the kids.


  • Assembling the product is so easy that it can only cost you 5-10 mins of your time.
  • It is very sturdy and kids can easily enjoy the dunk of basketball.
  • It has a surprisingly good quality of basketball and rim when it comes to money spend.
  • Hoop can be mount to door
  • Convenience for conventional door.


  • You need to spend extra $ on purchasing a pump as ball are deflated when package arrive.
  • The ball is heavy which doesn’t have the bouncing effect on floor
  • It can handle 5 inch basketball but that makes it nosier so 4 inch basketballs is the best choice.
  • It not quite user-friendly when it is attached to door.
  • Hoop cannot be mounted to walls

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

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If you have a little baby in your home who is the biggest basketball fan then this product is wroth eye-catching for you and your little one. This product will help your kid to develop social and motor skills. Leadership skills and coordination is a plus point your angel can have.


  • Adjustable basketball hoops for the size of 2 to 4 feet.
  • Great quality when compared with money spends. Easy on wallet.


  • To keep the balance sand is needed which is not provided by the company.

Franklin Shoot Again Basketball

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This is a unique product when it comes to people who doesn’t want to get up from their office chairs due to heavy chores. You can just sit and enjoy the love for basketball. This little devil can turn a boring office or bedroom into a basketball court.


  • Automatic ball feeding system which throw back the ball to you.
  • Purely a door basketball hoop, Easy and reliable for the doors
  • The ball feeder can be removed if you wish to play manually
  • You can have a commentary mode on and enjoy the game like you are playing in an official match.


  • It is not the most authentic mini indoor basketball hoop as it cannot be used for dunking.
  • It’s difficult to adjust once it is hung on the door.

Things To Consider When Buying a Mini Over The Door Basketball Hoop

We all want to let out our inner Lebron, but far be it from us to let ourselves be limited to an outdoor court. Whether the problem is the lack of space, the lack of a big budget, or the insatiable urge to shoot some hoops; the desire to play the game is real. Today putting a basketball hoop over your bedroom door is easier than ever and the benefits of it are too many to list, but here are a few:

  • It’s extremely fun and engaging
  • It sometimes comes at a fraction of the cost of an outdoor hoop
  • It’s a great developmental tool for kids
  • It’s a cool and stress relieving accessory in an office

It’s understandably difficult to be sure exactly what to look for when you’re shopping but here are some important things to consider when buying a mini over the door basketball hoop:

1. Mounting

When it comes to mounting you need to look into several things but the two most important ones are:

  • The mounting method
  • Mounting hardware provided, if any

The mounting method is important because some hoops are either drilled them into a wall, mounted to a wall using a single stud or hooked over the back of a door. If you want to put it over the door, you should make sure that it’s not designed for hooking behind the door.

Plenty of over the door hoops come with mounting hardware making it easy for you to mount them over your door. However, in case it doesn’t, you’ll need to have the equipment or hire someone who does in order to install it.

2. Dunkability

Yes, it’s a made-up word and it means ‘can you can dunk on the hoop or not. ‘This feature covers several other features so it’s a pretty important overall feature. Whether you can dunk on it or not depends on its size, the materials used to make it, the backboard, and mounting method among other things.

Some mini basketball hoops are made sturdy enough for you to be able to dunk while others are not. You can tell from its description or its reviews. Depending on whether this factor suits your needs, you should pick a hoop with it in mind.

The last thing you want is to injure yourself while dunking or hanging on the rim. Having to search for its warranty aside, having injuries that are hard to explain is a bad enough problem to have.

3. Rim Size

This is an obvious consideration that matters significantly. Some over the door mini hoops are designed for 4 inch balls and some are designed for 9 inch balls. Some are purely for fun or for children and others are made as a training tool.

If you don’t consider this before you buy the hoop, especially if you’re purchasing it online, you may end up with a hoop that’s way too small or way too large. It may not be the hoop you’d envisioned and you might have to return it.

4. Any Additional Features

When it comes to value for money, any additional features are a plus. This is also important because additional features may affect the cost of the hoop, its value over a similar hoop, and even how it functions. Some examples of additional features are:

  • A ball feeding system, usually removable.
    An inflatable ball
    Noise reducing mechanism
    Adjustable height

A mini over the door basketball hoop is a great way to quell your basketball playing urges and once you have all the features right, you can buy the one to suits you perfectly.