Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Playing basketball is an enjoyable sport that you as a player can take to a whole new level by equipping yourself with the best basketball shoes that are available in the market. Did you know that playing basketball outdoors is usually more demanding on your shoes?

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes of 2017

Here are the best options:

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016

Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016

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This is a special lightweight masterpiece from Adidas. It is built specially for high acceleration on hardwood courts. This Adidas CLB 2016 low top offers very high all round performance for the fastest players. This latest from Adidas incorporates the trademark boost midsole. This is gives it an added advantage for ultimate energy returning and cushioning. This is a top choice in the best 4 outdoor basketball shoes.

What we like about Adidas CLB 2016

  • The trademark Continental Rubber outsole gives it excellent traction on courts. It offers greater grip with dual density rubber on the outsole. The black rubbers on the sides are very durable against dusts on the court.
  • The cushion is superb. Adidas inserted boost pellets in the midsole which give it full length boost. This is pretty new in basketball shoes.
  • It is made with synthetic and textile materials which gives extreme comfort.
  • It has well ventilated air mesh tongue and molded heel cap provides excellent stability.
  • What we don’t like about Adidas CLB 2016
  • The first version came with Primeknit. The upper part has neoprene.This does not have a tongueto prevent containment.

Air Jordan Rising High

Air Jordan Rising High

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This is the latest midtop outdoor basketball from Air Jordan. It has serious improvements in cushioning and traction as compared to the previous products.The ZOOM AIR in it provides that cushion edge. It also features the FlightSpeed technology which offers superb acceleration. Overall performance from this shoe is wonderful. The price is relatively low compared to shoes of this class.

What we like about Air Jordan Rising High

  • The upper part of the shoes is made with synthetic leather which is easy to maintain and lasts longer.
  • The trademark FLYWIRE gives it excellent and superb lockdown. This is peculiar.
  • Air Jordan Rising High is very classy and equally cheap compared to others.
  • What we don’t like about Air Jordan Rising High
  • Air Jordan shoes doesn’t come cheap. You need a good budget to afford one.
  • The rubber outsole might take a week or two to break in.

Nike Kobe Mentality II

Nike Kobe Mentality II

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This is a low profile and very light weight shoe from Adidas and inspired by the living legend Kobe Bryant Flyweave. This is a very cheap low top shoe from Adidas . This is an improvement on the previous Mentality I with the inclusion of full length cushioning.

What we like about Nike Kobe Mentality II

  • The Flyweave in the upper part provides lightweight and greater flexible support.
  • It permits better airflow with the synthetic and mesh materials overlaid around it.
  • It is extremely comfortable because of the lightweight.
  • The rubber outsole provides the best traction on outdoor courts.
  • Partial bootie part inside provides a real sock-like feel and fit for the toes.
  • It has Phylon in the midsole that give good lockdown.
  • What we don’t like about Nike Kobe Mentality II
  • It comes only in low top which is a limitation as it cannot offer support to the angles.
  • This shoe is mainly for those with narrow feet for better grip. It may cause some discomfort for those with wide feet.

Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015

Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015

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This is another great masterpiece from Nike designed by the legendary Peter Fogg. This low top shoe inculcates both ZOOM AIR and FLYWIRE technology which makes it exceptional. It comes really cheap costing a little around one hundred dollars. This shoe offers great grip and comfort.

What we like about Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015

  • ZOOM AIR feature provides better cushioning.
  • It has protection against impact and fits perfectly.
  • The sole is made with lightweight rubber materials which is perfect for runners on the outdoor courts.
  • It is mid-top so offers support to the ankles.
  • The Flywire feature ensures better stability and lockdown
  • What we don’t like about Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015
  • Mesh design accommodates mainly wide foot. Slim foot may not feel the firm grip and complete comfort.
  • It provides cushion best for the heel and forefoot unlike some other shoes that gives full length cushion.

Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Thus, it is advisable that you invest in the best shoes if you really want to deliver an optimal performance on the basketball court that will leave your opponents staring at your prowess awe.Outdoor playing surfaces are rougher than indoor ones hence it requires the best shoes that will protect your feet from friction and any form of injury that might result as you take part in your favorite sport.

This article will indeed be helpful to you if you are about to buy a pair of outdoor basketball shoes since it gives you some of the tips that you should consider when buying one.


This should be one of the key factors on your list since you would want shoes that will last you far a reasonable period of time.Participating in an outdoor game will surely expose you shoes to more wear and tear due to the rough surface which is probably made of concrete.

It is advisable to choose shoes that have extra thick soles that are made of high-quality rubber.This will ensure greater shock absorption.You should also check out whether the outsole is able to play on multiple surfaces.


Basketball experts recommend that the shoes that you choose should provide you with maximum comfort to enable you to perform at your level best.Good looking shoes which are not comfortable should not be anywhere in your priority list since looks are mostly superficial.


Choosing shoes that fit you perfectly will ensure that you do not suffer from wearing shoes that are either too small or too big for your feet.Are you aware that small shoes will greatly limit the movement of your feet whereas oversize ones can easily fall off your feet?Shoes that have laces will give you the comfort as well as the versatility that you need while playing since they enable you to either tighten or loosen your shoes at will?


It is prudent for you to understand your budget and live within your means even as you consider buying a pair of basketball shoes.You should choose affordable shoes that are within your price range and which have the key features that you fancy in a pair for optimum performance.

Body Type and Size

This is also a factor that you should consider when buying a pair of outdoor basketball shoes.You should purchase shoes that will support your body weight and size while at the same time giving you room for mobility within the court.Furthermore, you should have in mind that some shoes are specially made for specific players in line with their body size and type.

Skill Level

Since you are better placed to know your level, of skill on the basketball court, you should buy sneakers that are in tandem with your skill level.This is because there is no need of spending so much money on a pair of sneakers if you are not an elite player.


You are advised not to be gullible and fall victim to the flashy advertisements that you normally see and fall victim to buying a pair of hoop shoes simply because they look nice.This is the least important factor that you should consider when purchasing a pair of sneakers since elegant design and a stylish outlook will not necessarily guarantee you better play.

The Bottom Line

The tips mentioned above should guide you as you shop for your next pair of basketball sneakers, as you try to get the best value for your hard earned money.