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Best Outdoor Basketballs Of 2017

Wondering what you should be looking for in a great outdoor basketball? Here is a quick rundown of the best outdoor basketballs available.

The Best Outdoor Basketballs In 2017

***It’s highly recommended that you read through real user reviews at the links below before making any purchase.

Under Armour 595

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The Under Armour 595 basketball features the UA Grip-skin composite leather for optimal grip and feel. This basketball has a traditional channel design that is neither extra deep or wide. It also features a full pebble design. It also consists of 100% Butyl bladder that works to retain air. The 100% Nylon Windings provide for Excellent Shape


  • The composite leather of the Under Armour 595has a genuine leather feel.
  • The Under Armour 595 is quite durable as compared to other outdoor basketballs
  • The bounce and feel of the Under Armour 595 is really good.


  • Under Armour 595 is quite pricey and a bit on the higher end as compared to the Under Armour 495 Basketball.

Baden Contender Basketball

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This basketball offers a performance composite cover grip made for outdoor play. It has a symmetrical design that makes it a perfectly balanced ball. It has widely spaced panels to ensure a soft and consistent feel. It also comprises a Stealth Soft-valve System.


  • This ball is quite durable due to its high quality rubber material and composite cover grip.
  • The basketball offers quite a good grip due to its deep pebble design and the sufficiently wide channel designs.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • It does not come fully inflated.

Molten GM7 Basketball

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This ball is one of the best outdoor basketballs. It features a 2-year warranty. It features a durable composite leather cover that enhances grip. It also has 12 channel design. This design comprises a two tone color scheme that has been approved by FIBA.


  • The two tone color scheme is quite appealing to the eye.
  • Its bounce makes it a very consistent ball.
  • It has a really nice grip and feel due to the composite leather material


  • This basketball ball is quite small thus it will be a little bit hard for experienced players to adapt.
  • It is one of the most expensive outdoor basketballs.

Spalding Replica Game Basketball

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The Spalding Replica features a very traditional channel design. It has one of the softest composite leather covers. It has a really good grip, feel and control due to the high quality composite leather. It has consistent bounce characteristics due to the soft composite leather covers. The Spalding has far more better feel and has a far more consistent performnace compared to the Spalding zi/o.


  • The Spalding Replica has one of the best composite leather covers in any outdoor basketball.
  • The Spalding Replica basketball has an extremely consistent bounce.
  • The basketball comes fully inflated and ready for use.


  • The Spalding Replica is not very durable due to its soft composite leather cover.
  • The ball deflates sometimes so one needs to carry a pump.

Under Armour 495 Basketball

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The Under Armour 595 basketball features the UA Grip-skin composite leather for the ultimate grip and feel. This ball features a full pebble design. This basketball has a shallow traditional channel design. Retention. It also consists of 100% Butyl bldder that works to retain air. The Full ball pebbling-80 % Nylon Windings provide for maximum excellent Shape retention.


  • The UA grip-skin composite leather has a genuine leather feel giving the basketball a good feel.
  • The Under Armour 595 is quite durable as compared to other outdoor basketballs.
  • The Under Armour 495 is rated well for its grip and feel due to the grip-skin composite leather material.


  • Under Armour 495 is of medium price as compared to the Under Armour 595
  • The bounce of Under Armour 495 the ball is not consistent.
  • The performance of the ball could be better.

Mikasa BX 1000 Basketball

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The Mikasa BX 1000 Basketball features a wide channel design for the increased grip-ability and control and provides ideal for passing and shooting. It has an extra thick, premium rubber cover that provides the ultimate durability and performance. It also features deeper channels and stippled controls.


  • This basketball comes with a one-year warranty.
  • This ball is ideal for use in all weather conditions making it an ideal outdoor basketball.
  • The Mikasa BX 1000 basketball also lasts twice as long as standard rubber basketballs


  • The Mikasa BX 1000 Basketball is not cushioned very well and tends to be hard.

What To Look For In A Great Outdoor Basketball

Are you a true fan of basketball? Do you actually have this running passion for the game? If so, then you need a solid knowledge of the various basketball types, their sizes and weight, and their different court surfaces.

The amateur and pro leagues like the WNBA, FIBA, NBA and the NCAA, are indoor are respected to maintain their personalized regulation weight and sizes. This is why you’ll see different basketball sizes even when it’s called “regulation size”. That being said, here are types of basketball you need to know!


This basketball type is made from 100% authentic leather cover. The new leather ball may feel a bit hard to feel, but when it encounters wearing, it turns out soft having an attracting broken-in feel. Leather basin door are indoor hardwood court because the leather will feel roughened when used on the concrete surface. Of course, they are expensive when compared to other basketball types.


The composite/synthetic basketballs are made with synthetic or artificial leather material having the leather feel. The materials of the composite has a uniform feel (because it is synthetic) and this is why there is no need for it to be broken in because it already feels soft even when new.


These perfect basketball for a concrete surface, are covered with rubber. The rubber basketballs are the best bet for the newbie because they are very cheap to produce. these type of Basketballs have grooves on them which are sometimes known as channeling. Some are narrow while some are wide. That being said, it is advisable to choose the one that suits your taste and pro level.

What are the regulation sizes and Weight ?

Balls used in competitions vary a little among collegiate and professional leagues. Each of the leagues comes with its own specification in terms of weight, size, and material required by the ball before it can be considered as a regulation ball.

NBA – The official basketball of the NBA is made by Spalding and of full-grain leather. The orange color ball has black lettering and seams. It also measures a circumference of 29.5 inches, the weight of 22 ounces, and as well enlarged between the range of 7.5 to 8.5 PSI with a size of 7.

WNBA – official basketball of WNBA is also made by Spalding. this WNBA basketball is made of two interlocking microfiber panel producing two alternating white and orange color. It has a circumference of 29 inches and a weight range of 18 to 20 ounces with a size of 6.

FIBA – FIBA uses the standard Molten GL7 for Men’s Basketball and for the women, the Molten GL6 is used. This two balls have a 2-different color with each having 12 composite leather panels. The GL7 comes with a circumference of30.7 inches while that of the GL6 is 29 inches.

NCAA – The official basketball of the NCAA is known as the Wilson solution used by men and women’s basketball. They are exclusively used during tournaments. The exterior part of the ball is made from the composite league. Men use the size 7 ball while women use the size 6 basketball.

However, there is a need to note that the regulation used in leagues and competitions mentioned earlier shouldn’t be used for any form of outdoor games especially on asphalt surfaces or rough concretes. so why not pick your choice of ball and enjoy this wonderful game of basketball.