Best Portable Basketball Hoops – Top 6 For 2017

Portable basketball hoops allow for the best use of space, easy set up, and a great price. This review is divided into hoops that are over $500, and those that are under $500. A few options for teenagers and young children are also provided for below $100.

Best Portable Basketball Hoops:

Here are the most popular and high quality portable hoops available:

Portable Basketball Hoops Over $500

Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – 60″ Acrylic Backboard

spalding portable hoop

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This hoop is a heavy base, high performance, gym quality hoop with adjustable in-ground 60-inch acrylic backboard. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging.

Also, the best part of this hoop is that it is completely adjustable in the range of 7-10 feet height with a screw jack system. The dual canister quad spring assist mechanism counterbalances the weight of the backboard allowing young players who wish to play effortlessly & adjust the basketball system all the way down to 7 feet with the simple turn of a handle.


  • Excellent Quality.
  • Professional strength which can withhold an elephant hanging from the pole.
  • Easy shift with the help of a handle.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Well-Built and Rugged Hoop.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Requires more space.
  • Maintenance cost is high.


Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

silberback portabel hoop

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This hoop has gained a huge popularity because of its ultra-rigid steel frame which provides a nice tough frame for the hoop. This frame is hot-dip galvanized Frame which allows for reinforced joints. Another reason is direct rim mounting, the backboard portion is removed so that the rim can be attached directly and need not drill holes in the glass which may in turn cause the backboard to break. Hot- Dip Galvanizing provides hassle free rust protection which becomes an added reason for buying this product.


  • Strong and Sturdy Design.
  • Fast assembly
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Massive one-Piece Steel Pole which provides a strong base for all those who love to dunk.


  • Heavy and sturdy in weight, but cannot take much damage
  • Relatively high maintenance cost
  • Installation guide is not included

Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System

the beast basketball hoop

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This Portable Basketball System comes with the beast base, and is designed for security, mobility, and a better playing experience. This system comes with a four strut pole/base mount provides a superior system rigidity. Embedded with Multi-wheel design, this system is easier to move with the help of included systems of castors and engaging handle. The best part of this system is more than 50 gallon base wherein you can fill water or sand so as to make the system stable.


  • Residential Portable Basketball System allows for easy use.
  • Grey inset provides a handle for pre-play movement and re-bounder during matches.
  • 60-inch wide glass backboard, all-leather net provides an additional advantage.
  • Dual Base filling capacity for water and sand ensures more stability.


  • Does not cover any warranty.
  • Fixing up the pole is quite difficult.
  • Glass backboard is not rigid enough to support tough strikes and may break down.

Portable Basketball Hoops Under $500

A portable basketball hoop is fantastic if you lack the space to put up a permanent one or if you’re on a tight budget. Thanks to the design of these hoops, you can easily put them away when you’re done practicing. Be it for a good workout, a good time with friends or for pro athlete practice, these products will get the job done.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

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This bad boy is made for adults. It comes with a 44 inch virtually unbreakable backboard with a telescope mechanism adjustable pole of height between 7’ 5” to 10’ 6” inches. The rim is made of solid black steel with 0.5-inch braces. The base is a fillable 27 gallon that can be filled with water or sand.


  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable pole makes it suitable for a wide variety heights among users
  • The stability base is refillable making it easier to move around
  • The material is weather resistant making it a durable product


  • It may be tricky to carry 27 gallons of water to a faraway court
  • All the metal parts of the product make it a bit heavy to move around
  • A 7’ 5” pole is difficult to move around

Lifetime 90022 Youth Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System

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This product is made for youngsters with a telescoping mechanism of between 5’ 5” inches to 7’ 5” inches with 6” increments. It comes with a 30-inch backboard designed to withstand youth impact and a 15-inch foldable rim made of 0.5-inch steel and a nylon net. It also comes with a water/sand fillable 10 gallon base for stability.


  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable pole design makes it suitable for a wider variety of heights among users
  • Made with rust and weather resistant material for durability
  • Refillable base makes it easy to move around


  • A 5’ 5” inch pole may be difficult to move around
  • All the metal part of this product make it heavy to move to distant places

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set


tikes basketball hoop

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This product was made for toddlers between 1.5 years to 5 years. Perfect for introducing your kids to basketball. It comes with 3 junior sized basketball, an adjustable height pole with a hoop that adjusts between heights of 2 to 4 feet. The backboard is roughly 15 inches.


  • It helps coordination, motor, and social skills in kids
  • It comes with 3 basketballs
  • It is light and easy to move around
  • With adjustable height, your kid can stick with it for longer


  • You may need to buy a weighted stability base separately
  • Your kid will eventually grow out of it rendering it unusable

8 Important Things To Consider When Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop

written by: geff6637denno A portable basketball hoop is one that that has been made adjustments to such that it can be moved from one place to another. Such adjustments are adding of wheels which allow rolling of the hoop to a new place to the base. The base is can made of plastic which are filled with water or sand to increase stability of the hoop.

Benefits Of A Portable Basketball Hoop

A portable hoop system allows one to introduce his kids of a very young age (4 – 5 years) to this great game. This is made possible by the portable hoop which comes with a height adjustment mechanism.

Portable hoops can be placed at home as long as one has a flat surface to play the game. This saves the struggle of going out to find a basketball court and also saves time.

Having a portable basketball hoop at home comes with great benefits especially in one’s basketball skills, because it allows you to practice more often. Enables increasing one’s accuracy in moves and shoots, strengthening arms and limbs and even increase one’s speed.

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop

Height Adjustment Range. The heights hoop stands at a height of 10 feet with is the pro height. However portable hoops can lower that height to as low as 4.5 feet. This enables all kids of small ages to train on the same hoop as they grow up and gain skill of the game.

Back Board Material. Material used in a hoop to be used by kids and beginners will differ from that of hoops to be used by pros and serious players. Opaque acrylic materials assists the beginners to focus and score although the material will not be strong enough from serious players. For serious players polycarbonate material is recommended for it is stronger and durable as well.

Back Board size. The bigger the background the more the re bounce space you will get. Small backboard size are recommended for beginners as it gives room for improving shooting skills. Medium size will do better for a good shooter. A back board size of around 60 inches is a real deal for a professional feel.

Base Size. The larger the base size(Part to be filled with water or sand) the stable the portable basketball hoop will be. Although the base should not be very large to affect the game by occupying a wide surface on the ground/ field. The smaller the base size the less stable the hoop will be. The capacity of the base size is measured in gallons.

Hoop weight. The heavier the hoop the more stable it is. However, it should not be very heavy to inconvenience movement of the hoop from one place to another.

Weatherproof. Always ensure that the goal is water resistant and rustproof coating before you buy a portable basket ball hoop. This will ensure that your hope will live as long as possible even when left in the harshest weather conditions by avoiding rusting.

Easy assembly. Models that are easy to put together is what one should go for. If too complicated to put together one will have to spend more money in having someone else assemble it for you.

Since portable hoops can be complex and undergo a lot of wear and tear, it is always on the safer side to go for a portable basketball hoop that has a warranty. This may cost more in the short term, but can save a lot of money over the long term.