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Best Trampoline With Basketball Hoop – Top 4 For 2017

Trampolines with built-in basketball hoops can be fun for the whole family. You can practice your dunking technique, while the kids have hours of fun outdoors and some great exercise.

There is a large range of choices when selecting a trampoline with a basketball net, so on this page we hope to simplify your decision by outlining the major styles and of trampoline available. There are different levels of quality and prices, and different feature sets, and most importantly,  different levels of safety to consider.

If you are considering buying a trampoline with a basketball net, it is better to by one with an integrated net rather than an aftermarket net because it has been tested for safety with the net included. Attaching a net to a trampoline meant for a different purpose may be hazardous.

Best Trampoline With Basketball Hoop Options in 2017:

Here are the most popular and high-quality products available:

Skywalker Trampolines

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This is a 15-feet jump and dunk trampoline that has a basketball hoop that is made of very soft materials that meet safety standards. It comes with features that are very exciting and promises much for safety and durability.

The patented no gap enclosure system remarkably enhances safety by removing dangerous holes; this ensures that the fingers and toes are protected from injury. Each joint is also made of galvanized steel and is therefore highly stable. The use of galvanized steel also makes it easier to assemble and dis-assemble this trampoline.

To further increase the durability, gold coated, steel springs are used. Another great feature is the breakaway basketball rim that is used to prevent the fingers from being stuck. Also notable is the dual enclosure system that guarantees the safety of kids and the padded enclosure system that enhances safety while jumping.

Skywalker is a very popular choice without the bells and whistles and slick appearance of similar trampolines, but still offers good safety and a guarantee of quality from the manufacturer.

Springfree Trampolines

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The Cadillac of basketball net trampolines: this Springfree Trampoline is an amazing product. It has a square shape and is equipped with a ladder to make entrance easier. The flexible net enclosure of this trampoline is immune to tearing and fraying; it has also been rigorously tested with UV to ensure it can withstand the sun at any temperature.

This product is exceptionally strong as it is made of uniquely formulated materials that are three times stronger than steel and have been tested to withstand millions of bounce cycle. Furthermore, the innovative SoftEdge design of the spring bed enables it to absorb 30 times more impact than those that are padded.

Lastly, Springfree trampoline uniquely incorporates a digital gaming system known as tgoma, which takes the experience to the next level.

Merax 14-Feet Round Trampolines

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Another great product is the Merax trampoline, a 14-feet trampoline which is supported by 6 W-shaped legs to provide great stability and ensure safety. Like other products in this category, it has a safety UV tested net; durable waterproof PE pad; galvanized steel frame for rust resistance as well as galvanized steel springs.

It can also be set up with much ease and it does not require complicated hardware to do so. Compared with other products such as Springfree trampoline, it is cheap and also enjoys great popularity.

Overall, the design is elegant. However, the product is not as tough as the spring free trampoline nor does it have the no-gap technology of Skywalker trampolines, which would otherwise have enhanced safety.

Jumpsport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package

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Coming in different sizes (10ft, 12ft. and 14ft), this brand has a rich dark coat outer finish and is equipped with an internally mounted safety net. It is also very easy to assemble, built with very high-quality materials and a long warranty. It is optimized for safety with the unique and patented StageBounce technology and has a high-quality foam core.

Like other high-quality products, the frames are made of galvanized steel. It also has a Proflex basketball set that includes a backboard, cushioned hoop and 5-inch inflatable basketball. It also has lower maintenance cost than other trampolines. This is a great mid-range choice that emphasizes quality and safety.

Features To Look For On A Trampoline With An Included Basketball Hoop written by: floraContent

Features To Look For In A Trampoline With Integrated Basketball Hoop

The trampoline with an included basketball hoop is becoming very popular among people who own trampolines. Having a game to play inside your trampoline makes it much more  versatile.

They are a great choice for kids who love basketball. These trampoline accessories looks more like the ordinary basketball hoops. What differentiates them is the fact that they are mounted on trampolines. There are unique features to these products. They are designed with the aim of adding a new level of fun to the trampoline, making it a perfect way to  exercise outdoors.

There are several features you need to put into consideration before purchasing a trampoline. Understanding these features individually can be complex, so here is a breakdown of the features you should look out for.

Below we evaluate the basic features of the trampoline which include the mat, springs, frame, padding, frame and enclosure net:

The Frame

This defines the basic structure of a trampoline. If forms the foundation of its manufacture. It is the main factor that will determine if you would experience a great or bad bouncing experience. Make sure you buy the ones with frames manufactured from very high quality metals.

What determines the suitability of a trampoline frame is the nature of metal and the welding quality. When you go for a trampoline with an Included Basketball Hoop, never forget to request for the installation manual. Though, some trampolines are already assembled by manufacturer, for some, you must do it yourself.

Trampoline Mat

Make sure the trampoline With an Included Basketball Hoop is strong and durable. Make sure that it is the type that can withstand any form of adverse weather condition without losing its structure. The section of the trampoline that is stretched on both sides is the trampoline mat.

The high quality mats are mostly manufactured from the PP mesh materials capable of providing permanent mesh performance. They can be highly resistance to any form of adverse weather condition such as the rain and UV radiation.

Trampoline Springs

When you are going for the trampoline With an Included Basketball Hoop, you need to access its springs. Basically, the springs are coiled piece of metal.

The efficiency or effectiveness of a trampoline spring depends more on the material type used. They are attached to the mat and trampoline frame making it bounce.

Breakaway Safety Net

This is an important aspect for all trampolines With an Included Basketball Hoop. There are some trampolines basically designed to ensure the safety of trampoline users. These include the trampoline replacements parts like the trampoline net which helps to protect you from falling off the trampoline.

Another is the frame pads which help to cover the trampoline frames as well as the pads and foam sleeves. You need to individually evaluate each material to acquire the one that will meet all your safety requirements.

Additional Accessories

You can transform your trampoline with an Included Basketball Hoop from a place where people can jump up and down to where others can improve upon their skill.

It can help kid improve on their dunking skills. When you have all these features at your fingertips, be rest assured that you’ll get the best trampoline with an Included Basketball Hoop for your needs.

We hope that this detailed review will help you to make a right of trampoline for you and your family. Please remember to read product reviews from other real users as well at the links above to help you make your final decision!

How Playing Trampoline Basketball Can Improve Game Performance

Every sport needs a lot consistency during practice in order to sharpen skills and become better in the sport and basketball is no different.

Regular training of simple basketball drills like shooting, dribbling or passing can really improve your basketball skills and make you the best you can become.

Now imagine training or playing basketball using a trampoline. Besides it being fun it also sharpens some basic skills that regular drills can’t perfect.
Today professional teams are slowly embracing unorthodox methods of training and they are adopting things like trampoline when they are training. This methods have helped athletes enhance their skills, something regular drills can’t.
They may however seem a little exaggerated but their effectiveness can never be doubted because their result can be seen and felt by athlete’s.
Below we shall discuss how playing trampoline basketball can improve your performance on a basketball court.

1. It improves your stamina and body coordination.

Basketball involves a lot of movements of the body, regular drills do not really push you to the limit like a regular game.
Trampoline basketball simulates a lot of the movement that are expected in a real basketball game. It improves your foot work and makes you faster with or without a ball on your hands.
It strengthens your stability when you are on your feet, it becomes really difficult to lose your man even if they are good at dribbling.

2. Trampoline basketball improves your fitness levels.

Basketball is a high intensity game that needs a lot of energy. A basketball player runs an average of two miles in a single game.
You need to be physically fit just to finish a full basketball game. Trampoline basketball is a good cardiovascular exercise that increases the lung capacity, this allows you to play longer without getting tired in a short amount of time.
When you regularly train our health too improves and you become stronger.

3. Builds and strengthens leg muscles and joints.

Having strong muscles improves your performance on the court since you have the strength to work more and harder.
While playing trampoline basketball your legs move a lot, this movements conditions and strengthens leg muscles. Strong joints too are very important in ensuring easy movement while you are playing.
Joint injuries are very common in basketball, playing of trampoline basketball regularly protects you from these injuries while you are playing basketball.

4. Helps you recover from injuries.

Besides strengthening your joints, trampoline basketball helps you recover from joint injuries. The regular movements of the joints helps you recover faster while at the same time strengthening them.
However to ensure you don’t injure yourself further ensure that you are under supervision or jump on the trampoline cautiously.

5. It improves simple ball handling skills.

Trampoline basketball simulates a lot of game situation, including how you handle the ball. It improves your ball passing and how you catch the ball under a lot of pressure.
Your dribbling skills are also sharpened and you become better. Good ball handling is very important in basketball.

6. Your vertical jump and dunking improves.

Basketball players need to jump high so that they can block a pass, score or even better dunking. Trampoline basketball makes your knee and ankle joints more flexible and strong and they begin to work like a spring.
This propels you further up as you jump hence improving your vertical jump. Dunking is dangerous especially if you don’t know how to or you haven’t practiced enough, your dunking skills improve with time when you train using a trampoline.

7. Improves team work.

Basketball is a team sport. Trampoline basketball is a good way you and your team mates can learn how to work as a team. You and your team mates can learn together some basketball skills as you bond.

8. Helps sharpen your concentration.

Basketball needs a lot of concentration as you play. Trampoline basketball too needs a lot concentration as you jump to prevent you from falling.
As you play regularly your concentration improves and it becomes easy to translate this to a real game.
Practice makes perfect, consistency in your training makes you a better player. Besides that other factors like eating well, drinking enough water and getting enough rest plays a huge role in ensuring you succeed even more. You also need to be very careful as you jump on a trampoline to protect yourself from serious injuries.