How To Jump Higher With Training Equipment

Interested in accelerating your vertical jump progress? Here are the most effective training equipment products to increase your vertical jump, and how to use them.

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Plyometric Boxes:

Plyo boxes are the simplest form of vertical jump training equipment, and most gyms have them.

Resistance Bands Workout:

Another simple but effective way to develop your vertical jump. There are many ways to incorporate resistance bands into your vertical jump training program.

Vertical Jump Sensors:

Nike Hyperdunk+

Put these sensors in your shoes to record your quickness and vertical jump height. Features pressure sensors and an accelerometer to record your progress and provide additional motivation.

Blast Basketball

The Blast Basketball sensor allows you to track all types of movement metrics to show you how you are improving, and provide measurements that show you how to jump higher based on feedback and weak points. Measurement allows you to set goals to make sure you are always improving.

Vertec Vertical Jump Measurement Stand:

The classic method to record vertical jump progress.

Vertimax Training System:

Here’s a complex vertical jump training system used by serious college & pro teams to develop their athletes. This video features the Vertimax V8 training system.

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